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January 15th, 2005

11:24 pm
okay like i never ever post but im gonna try starting to..im soo bad at this stuff though but i shall try
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: dashboard - the swiss army romance

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July 8th, 2004

03:07 pm
o man im so confused no one can do anything! this sucks..okay well sammy we need to do something and we also need to make a date to hang out w. libby and justina like when we all can..also i have bad news..ends up i might still have more softball games..this weekend i might have a tournament then tues- thurs i might maybe have softball games but im not sure im just lettin yall know

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July 7th, 2004

03:47 pm
o yes i almost forgot im just goin to post this to let everyone know..okay i am leaving to new hampshire july 20th (my dad comes in to ohio july 17th) and then i come back august 1st and 2nd then leave like the 3rd then i go to arizona justina comes out the 5th i think we leave to california the 6th there only until the 8th ): bummer..then fly back to arizona justina leaves like the 12th i think and then umm i think im not sure but i think i come home (i say i think alot) the 20th then school starts 30th! woo hoo alrighty theres my summer!
Current Mood: excitedoo can't wait!
Current Music: roses

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03:38 pm
okay today was a normal day just hangin around and stuff and then i have a softball game anyways hopefully these would be my plans for later this week..since i probebly won't do it cuz i suck at this thing..lol okay friday:w/ libby sam and jay like comin over here or sumthin or goin to like the new old maumee movie theater then like u guys stayin the night my house maybe or something..saturday:hangin out w/ lauyrn and jay stayin at someones house and riding bikes and rollerblading :D then don't know which day goin to cedar point w/ sparky...then if anyone wants to go to cedar point we can make it a date!...so there!
Current Mood: crappystupid cramps
Current Music: how far is heaven

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July 2nd, 2004

02:15 pm
i have no idea what im doin with all this journal stuff..ha ha im so behind

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02:58 am - my first time with photos.

These are pictures and its my first try so.. yeahCollapse )

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July 1st, 2004

11:05 pm - AHHHHHHHHHH
TARA LYNN HAS BIG BOOBS AND JUSTINAS ARE 24/7 T.H.O.ED!! HAA HAAAAA today was soooo funnn!! i hunged out w/ tara and justina! we went to the pooool and then we walked around and got applications @ kazmiers and peppercorns!!now were takin funny pictures and tara lynn is maralin monroe and a hottt chick and justina is a grandpa and road kill!well im goin to go cuz their havin too much fun w/o me!! see yall later homies! BYE
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: tara and justina hideous voicies

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June 22nd, 2004

10:38 pm
okay this is like my first entry and im doin a live jornal cuz everyone else has them and they look nifty so im gonna give it a go..okay uhh well today i had a softball game and we won so thats basically the highlight of my day today!o and umm im prolly not goin to like do this everyday so yeah..
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: hey ya

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June 20th, 2004

08:42 pm - my survey
Giraffes or Zebras?: giraffes
Do you like DDR? (Dance Dance Revolution): sure y not?
you better
Have you ever gotten kicked out of the movies?: yes
If so, why? If not, why not?:fer being too loud
What kinds of music do you listen to? (Name some bands/artists): the radio
Have you ever went up to a random person and done something stupid?: yes
What's the name of your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend??: bob
Do you think labels are stupid?: yess
I do
What's your favorite fast food place?:subway..eat fresh
What's your favorite store to get clothes at?:abercrombie
Have you ever had braces?: nodda
What's one thing you've done that you regret doing:goin out w/ sum people

Do you have a mood ring?: uhh no
If yes, what color is it right now?: no
What song are you listenin' to right now?:justina doin sum circus shit
Tell "me" something completly random about yourself.: i just ate a pickle
Who's your best gal friend?: i have 3...jay,libby, and sparx
Guy friend?: derek
Do you have someone in mind for a potential spouse? who?:noone
Have you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?: yes!
What do you think of it?: funny
What do you think of DC Talk (YOU'D BETTER LKE THEM! =p ): who are they?
I'm hungry. Are you?: no
Are you talking, singing, humming, etc. right now?:eating
Who are you talkin' to on IM?: away message on
I don't know this song. Do you?: yes
Stretch your right arm as far as you can. What do you touch first?:justinas head
How can I hum to a song I don't know?: u make it up and go humm didl hum hum
Who do you love?:my buddies

,.;:* FOOD *:;.,
Do you chew your pudding?:no
Explain your answer.:u suck on it
Have you ever consumed a shoe?: i dosn't think so
If you were to, would it be the left or the right one?Why?:left b/c most people r right footed
Do you eat soup or drink it?: eat it
Where do waffles come from?:the waffle house
Do you like peaches and mustard?: i like peaches?
What's your favorite jolly rancher?: watermelon
Would you drink a glassful of someone's snot for a thousand dollars?:depends on who it is
Other random questions
What do you think "PFCHA" means?: perfect fu**ing charlies hott angels
Define "painful lettuce" in your own words...be creative!:a diet
Do you have a spork fetish?: sure i don't like em
Can you lick your elbow?: no
Can I lick your elbow?: yes
Are you wearing your underwear today?: yes its blue
If so, what color are they?: blue w/ ruffles
Have you ever shaved your big toe?: no
Do you have issues?: yes
Create an acronym for you initials.: schools crappy mondays
How many flies do you kill on average per day?: i kill more spiders..but about 1 like every 2 months
Why is the grass always greener on the other side?: b/c no one is never happy w/ what they have they always want something someone else has
Have you ever glued quarters to the floor of the mall?: not YET
If not, would it entertain you?: hecck yes
Do you like the smell of hermit crab food?: heck no!
What was the last thing you said to your grandmother's daughter's child?:move
Descrive the flavor of shaving cream.: sunflowers
Describe the flavor of whipped cream.: marshmellow
Now describe them mixed together!: a sunflower marshmellow would taste weird
meow?!: please deliver
How was your day?: fine
Have you ever tasted snake poo?: no i don't plan on it
What does a crab fart sound like?: pllhh
Mary had a little ______ (finish the sentence): fetish
What do you feed your pet leprechaun?: gold
Name three other ways you can use a hair dryer other than drying things.: to kill someone,to make them be able to read womens minds, and to look like a gun
Do you put on the left or the righ sock first?: right
Are you a cat person?: not really
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?: if a wood chuck COULD chuck wood id say about 2
Where do babies come from?: when two people fall in love...
***When was the last time you...***
messed with your hair?: umm like an half hour ago
used the bathroom?: like 5 min ago
hugged a llama?: when i was 2
Flung apple sauce at an old man and licked him clean?: never
Set your alarm clock?: umm like june 2nd
Fed your fish? (dont even tell me you dont have a nemo): i dont have a nemo
**More randomness**
Have you ever assualted someone with a zipper?: brandon can pull it off
A cucumber?: not really
Do you like cherries?: yes
Are you perfect?: no
Are you a male or female?: male
Check. Now tell me if you are male or female.: female
What is your favorite thing to lick?: ice cream
Have you ever tickled a goldfish?: not lately
Do you have crotch worms?: no
Have you ever had crotch worm cake?: uhh no
Would you like to?: not really
What would you do if.... your son was @ home cryin all alone on the bedroom floor cuz hes hungry
You were being chased by a swarm of purple wasps?: scream and run
you wore a suit made of 100 dollar bills to the ghetto?: run bitch run! they gone kill you
there was a dragon in your basement?: slay it
you found a worm in your apple?: throw it
you found half a worm in your apple?: throw up!
all the squirrels in the world died?: try to find a squirrel that survived to get money for it
The one you love most was gone?: cry..alot
There were no more oreos?: praise the lord
someone offered you a boxful of dead mice?: smack em
You were given three days to live?: rob a bank
You could travel through time?: go back to when i was like 3
you had x-ray vision?: look through walls
What flavor are you?: halo
Describe this quiz as a flavor.: sour apple

What are you doing today?: hangin out w/ jay anf fillin out surveys
What hurts?: love
Do you like hugs?: yess
Do you often look up random things on the net?: not really
Can you make friendship bracelets?: yes
How many stuffed animals do you have?:not many like uhh 2?
How fast do you type?: umm lets just sau i suck @ typing
What's one thing someone told you that you could've lived without knowing?: what a foot fetish means
Do you talk on the phone much?: nah im not really a fone person
What time did you wake up this mornin'?: 10 30
What did you wake up too?: the shower
Are your feet cold?: yes
Are you glad this is over?: no

have you ever..
eaten toast:yes
liked eating toast:yes
buttered a peice of bread for fun:kinda
voiced how you felt about breads feelings:probebly
saved a piece of bread from the toaster:i have witnessed it!

if you had a pet earwig what would you name it?: i step on it
do you write poems?: no
do you consider plaid a color?: no
are you on a diet?: i try
are you in a relationship?:no
do you have pets?:yes
what do you like to do in your spare time?:make videos
what kind of music do you like?: rock
can a cow turn red if left out in the sun too long?: no
have you ever swallowed a bug?:yes
have you gotten stung by a bee?:yes
does size matter?:yes
do you like roses?:yes
what color?:red
do you like food?:yes
do you think you're too fat?: yes
do you excercise?: yes
have you ever touched a chicken?:yes
do you drink?:no
do you smoke?:no
do you do drugs?:no
are you gay?: no
are you a lesbian?:no
are you straight?: yes
do you like to hug random people?:if they r hott
are you depressed?:no
would you give your second cousin's fourth cousin twice removed a kidney?: sure
do you go through other people's things:yea
do you like clothes?:yes
do you do the dew?: no
do you like parties?: yes
are you a homebody?:jesus is my homebody
do you go out in public?:yes
do you have pasty skin?:whats that? no?
do you go to camp?: no
are you a senior citizen?:no
do you like senior citizens?:yes
is your grandmother alive?:i have one
have you ever eaten something that was alive?:yes i swallowed a bug
do you like chocolate?:yes
do you have plaid pants?:yes
do you have a band t-shirt?:yes
have you ever heard of coheed and cambria?:no
do you eat?:yes
do you throw up your food?: no
The Opposite Sex
should your perfect match be chubby, fat, or skinny?:i like em muscly but its okay if their a lil chubby
best hair color?:brown
best eye color?: blue er dark dark brown
height?: humm 58?
long or short eye lashes?: short!
their favorite sport?:humm football er baseball
should they be funny?: heck yeshe
should they be sweet?: heck yes
should they play an instrument?:if any only the guitar or bass or drums
should they care about you?:uhh yeah
should they love you?: yes alot
should they be sympathetic?:yes
should the guy be a little feminine?: very VERY little
should the girl have big boobs?: it shoudn't matter
should they like your friends?:yes
Ok I'm Done With That
do you brush after every meal?: no
do you watch tv?: yes
do you watch nickelodeon?: no
do you like pizza?: no
if your brother swallowed his girlfriend what would you do?:id be scared
do you think santa is real?: no
who is your favorite reindeer?: comet
who is your favorite of the seven dwarfs?: dopy
do you believe in magic?: no
how about fairies?: not really
what do you think of gay marriage?:i think it should be legal
sex before marriage?:no
have you ever bitten someone?:yes
do you find your grandparents unbearably annoying?:sumtimes
do you know how to spell unbearably?:unbarably
can you mow a lawn?:yes
do you have a job?: no
does food eat you?:no?
do you write books?: i have once w. libby!
are you a teenager?: yes
do you like cake?: yes
do you have friends?:yes
how many?: i duno
is it summer right now?: yes
well this is almost over, but stick around theres more questions:o okay
but i have to fill up these last few spots: thats great
so...: yes
does your house have roaches?:noo
do you have a cat?:yes
well...........: georgia or utah
do you watch mtv?:yes
vh1?: yes
do eat chips?:no
favorite kind?: wow
its almost over: grood
do you have a sister?:2
whats your middle name?: charlotte
do you like pictures taken of yourself?:yes
BYE: holla @ ya
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: freak a leek

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